When thinking about a healthy, positive work environment, the first things that often come to mind for most people are healthy snack bars, recreation areas, on-site gyms, or pet-friendly offices.
We all know that carpets keep our feet warm when it’s cold outside. Many people believe that carpets are not suitable for the summer because it only makes indoor spaces hotter. In fact, carpets are not only warmer in winter, but they help people keep cool during summer as well.
We live in a time at which people highly value a product’s looks, design, and whether it can be customizable or not. Gradually, carpets are more than just an extra layer of cushion for the feet, noise reduction in indoor rooms, or heat insulation during wintertime. More and more people look beyond these traditional functionalities that carpets offer, and ask for personalization, visually appealing designs, and eco-friendly products.
Recently, waste sorting has been one of the main topics in conversations among people in China, especially in Shanghai. Starting mid 2019, the Chinese government implemented a strict plan to sort out all garbage. But you might wonder, what about carpets? What kind of waste are carpets categorised as? Don't worry - Tuntex's got you covered.
According to research, people spend approximately 90% of their time indoors, and the flooring designs in these indoor environments are just as important as what materials your furniture are made with or how many windows are installed.