Beyond Sustainable

Beyond Sustainable

Sustainability is not our end goal, human wellbeing is. Providing clean products and recycling waste
is just one of the many steps our company takes. Our focus is to create delightful environment, both indoor and outdoor and we will continue this ongoing effort. 



Natural environment

We take every possible action to reduce our carbon footprint, consumption of resources, toxin release, while minimizing waste output that could harm nature.  All these efforts are done in order to ensure a clean and prosperous future environment for all.


Human environment

We spend nearly 90% of our time indoors. This is the driving force on our goal to create comfortable pleasant indoor environments. Tuntex is constantly researching and advancing its methods and material to stay up-to-date on building environment trends, fostering the highest standard in term of quality and health safety and it is well recognized by its accredited products as per LEED and WELL standards.   More than that, we extend our research not only to our products, but to possible human health effects. For example, how color, patterns, space and styles affect people’s mood, circadian rhythm, productivity, etc. Our goal is to never be limited by environment and sustainability, but instead to further our goal into human comfort and the pleasure of life.



LEED Report


Download (PDF 5.84MB)

Here's what we could do for your indoor environment per LEED standards.


Renaissance of Art Reinvented Collection


Download (PDF 9.08MB)

Our R.O.A. R Collection pursues sustainability with Tuntex Recycled Commercial Duraback and improves your indoor comfort with Microshield and Ecofresh.