We are fully committed to our social and environmental responsibility to create a thriving future.


Sustainability is more than a slogan, we believe it is an inherent duty that we need to put into action through recycling, healthy environments and the reduction of our carbon footprint. We strive to reduce and minimize the use of virgin resources, promote efficient use of material through reuse and recycling items that can be appropriated for future uses.
As a company, we care for our employees, our clients and our products. That is the reason we are able to imagine a larger goal and prosperous future---


We try to be at the forefront of environmental protection and the wellbeing of everyone, fostering human comfort and wellness for future generations to come.


  • Yarn
  • Backing
  • Waste Control



Solution Dyed Nylon by TUNTEX

  • Solution Dyed to achieve both high color fastness and lower carbon footprint
  • Recycle the waste yarn and reuse it further
  • Technical treatment to improve comfort and wellbeing 
  • Standard
    Used in most the nylon products
  • Quartz
    Sparking quartz look
  • Prisma
    Fine denier yarn; bright colors; color combinations; more color flexibility
  • Aircell
    A unique yarn configuration that can achieve better resilience and durability for the carpet
  • Circular
    In house recycled yarn


Tuntex is one of the few large-scale manufacturers deliberately using recycled backing in their new carpet tile products. Through carefully recycling old fibers and sourcing its remaining materials from reliable sustainable sources, Tuntex creates exceptional carpets while at the same time minimizing the environmental impact and promoting a cradle-to-cradle product life cycle.


Waste Control

To eliminate the release of pollutants into the environment, Tuntex has been using on-site waste treatment facilities since as far back as 1995. Tuntex ensures that the chemicals and glues from its facilities will never find their way into the natural environment.


Tuntex Mission

From the inception of the company, we understood that sustainability would be addressed holistically as a "company-wide effort". Over the years our commitment to sustainability has expanded to all parts of our business and operations.


Next Steps?

As one of the leading advocators in sustainability, we hope to not only impact our business internally, but to inspire others to change their sustainability view - clients, collaborators, and our extended network. We believe in the power of leading by example and we are doing our best to help restore both our economy and our environment.