What is nexlon™ and what makes it special?

Submitted by cher on Thu, 10/10/2019 - 09:15

The name “nexlon” comes from a combination of "Next" and "Nylon."  nexlon™ is a Premium quality nylon fiber for carpets.  It embodies the ultimate craftsmanship to build a new era of high quality indoor space with the utmost ingenuity. We hope that nexlon™'s ingenious craftsmanship and environmental protection efforts will help protect our beautiful planet.

nexlon™ is solution dyed nylon that underwent the dyeing process of blending and melting raw materials, making it available in endless customisable colours. nexlon™ does not fade easily from exposure to sunlight or from cleaning; it has amazing colour fastness and it retains its shape as it has high resilience due to its superior elasticity.

nexlon™ is equipped with the latest yarn extrusion technology imported from Germany. The yarn is treated with Stainshield Treatment and Soil Guard Treatment, giving the carpets that are tufted with nexlon™excellent performance and protection against dirt, dust, and stains.

nexlon™ products come in different styles:

1.  Standard nexlon™;
2.  Quartz nexlon™ with a metallic look to it;
3.  Prisma nexlon™, bringing brighter colours;
4.  Circular nexlon™, made with Tuntex recycled content.