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Fifteen Years Limited Warranty
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Tuntex products made with Solution Dyed Nylon
Carpet Tile ---- Recyclable Tuntex Commercial Duraback

This Warranty begins when the carpet product is installed by Tuntex authorized installation professionals in accordance with Tuntex current installation specifications, including the use of adhesives. Providing care recommendations are followed, the warranty continues for 15 years from the date of the original installation. The fifteen-year warranty is further defined as the fifteen-year period the carpet is owned and maintained by the original end-use purchaser. The basis of any warranty related claim is the original Tuntex invoice or the original Tuntex dealer invoice. If these specifications and procedures are not followed, a standard two-year warranty against manufacturing defects will be in effect as well as any further protection offered by the fiber producer.

Installation specifications and carpet care recommendations can be obtained from your dealer or Tuntex Representative.

Tuntex warrants that its standard performance Duraback Backing will provide tuft bind strengths consistent with accepted industry standards for these carpet tile products. Any failure to perform with respect to acceptable tuft bind will be independently evaluated and the product replaced by Tuntex if a product defect is responsible for substandard performance. Specific product and performance criteria may be noted and registered as part of this specific warranty.

Tuntex warrants that, under normal use, the backing on its standard performance will not delaminate.

Tuntex warrants that its standard performance carpet tile will prevent static buildup in excess of 3.5 KV when tested using AATCC Test Method 134 at 70 degrees F at 20% R.H.

Tuntex will within ten working days of receipt of claim, designate a representative to inspect the standard performance and evaluate the warranty claim.

Any portion of the Tuntex standard performance carpet tile not performing as stated will be repaired to conform to the warranty. If repair is not commercially practical, Tuntex may, at its option, replace the affected carpet for the affected area during the first two years.
Tuntex will pay the costs of the carpet, reasonable freight, and labor. Thereafter, Tuntex will pay only the costs of the carpet and reasonable freight. Costs incurred for the moving of equipment, furnishings, partitions, and the like, that were installed over the Tuntex standard performance product will be at the consumer’s expense.

Tuntex warrants that its standard performance carpet tile is appropriately classified under all applicable fire codes for the specified end-use as tested under Test Method ASTM E-648.

Tuntex warrants that its standard carpet tile will generate less than the generally accepted maximum rating of 450 specific optical density for smoke when tested in accordance with ASTM Test Method E-662 (NFPA 258).

All claims under this warranty must be submitted, in writing, to Q.C. Dept. of SuZhou Tuntex Fiber & carpet Co., Ltd., No. 28 ChengXi South Road, TaiCang, JiangSu, China
Zip: 215400

Carpet installed on stairs or in areas subject to abnormal foot-traffic use (i.e., golf spikes, other spiked footwear, ski boots, and the like) is excluded.

Chair pads are required under roller caster chairs for this warranty to be in full effect. This warranty does not cover bums, cuts, fading, matting, pills, pulls, odor, soiling, staining, tears or damage due to improper installation or due to improper cleaning agents or methods, incidental and consequential damages are not the responsibility of Tuntex, and, to the extent permitted by law, are hereby excluded as to both property damage and personal injury. Replacement carpet will come only from current running–line standard performance products comparable to the warranted product.

Note : Only nylon product is entitled for Fifteen Years Limited Warranty

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